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TSP – Episode 5.5 (53m)

The second part of episode 5 is now available for your listening pleasure.  I (Sarah) continue talking with Jay and Warr.

Topics discussed include:

  • Some of the functions of a CO and XO
  • Player investment
  • Communication on the internet
  • Warr explains why he sounds so serious
  • Jay discusses the OOC communication set up on Galileo
  • The writer’s ego, cliques and real life issues
  • Warr explains why, even after his character becomes less xenophobic, he still carries it with him

Sites mentioned: USS Galileo,  YahooGroups

Got any questions you want answered?  Topics you want us to discuss?  Leave them in the comments and we’ll include them–if possible–in the next episode!

TSP – Episode 5 (59m)

Sadly Kai had to go out and get drunk during the recording of this uber-long podcast.  So, instead of just sitting there chatting with one guest, I decided to have two (Warr and Jay).  Listen in to the first hour of this almost two hour episode (part two coming as soon as I’ve finished editing it–don’t hold your breath as I’m (Sarah) currently sick).

Topics discussed include:

  • Jay regales us about his XO
  • Star Trek is a soap opera – especially VOY
  • Putting in effort and thought to certain species
  • Collaborative writing and ownership


Sites mentioned: USS Galileo, USS Sentinel