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Ep 14 – CO Q&A Fun Time! (1hr 45m)

Kai is in this one as well!  We opened it up for a live Q&A session for CO questions.

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Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!

Comic: The Joys of Joint Posts

No podcast / youtube / joint post this week.  However, we have something different to keep you going until next week’s podcast / youtube / joint post.  A comic made by me (Sarah) in the style of my Sticks in Space comic.

I am sure we are all have a passing acquaintance with the below situation and the feelings it evokes 😛


Dedication:  This is for you Shawn – Love you 😛


Ep 9 – Posting and Post Creation (1hr 13m)

Today my usual simming partner in crime (not Kai) joined me (Sarah) in a discussion on posting and post creation.  Unfortunately Doofus McDooferson had only an internal mic and the sound quality* for his audio is quite shite.  My voice is its usual perfectness 😛

Topics discussed include:

  • Shawn’s illustrious simming career (only the best sims for Shawn)
  • What a post should contain, or what makes a post good
  • Golden rules of posting
  • How to encourage people to write more in a joint post
  • Pet peeves when joint posting
  • Proofread!!!!?!!!!111

Site’s mentioned: The Oatmeal’s Guide to Apostrophe’s and Misspelling; TF47’s Player Guide (includes golden rules of posting, post creation, etc)

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* Listen at your own peril.  We take no responsibility for the pain to your ears.

 Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!