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Audio of Ep 10 – Making a Joint Post – Part 2 (53m)

So life, youtube, pasta monsters and slight depression held up this podcast. Ā And it’s not a new one either, but the second half of (the audio only) Making a Joint Post, which was initially over 3 hours long on youtube.

A reminder again that this is a very conversational podcast, it’s what happens when me and Kai can get together for a real time JP with an out of character means of communicating and poking fun at each other šŸ˜›

If you want to see the original uncut youtube and/or read the finished joint post then click onĀ Episode 10.

TSP – Episode 5.5 (53m)

The second part of episode 5 is now available for your listening pleasure. Ā I (Sarah) continue talking with Jay and Warr.

Topics discussed include:

  • Some of the functions of a CO and XO
  • Player investment
  • Communication on the internet
  • Warr explains why he sounds so serious
  • Jay discusses the OOC communication set up on Galileo
  • The writer’s ego, cliques and real life issues
  • Warr explains why, even after his character becomes less xenophobic, he still carries itĀ with him

Sites mentioned:Ā USS Galileo, Ā YahooGroups

Got any questions you want answered? Ā Topics you want us to discuss? Ā Leave them in the comments and we’ll include them–if possible–in the next episode!