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TSP – Episode 3 (1hr 24m)

Today we have our first guest!  Cars used to be a simmer and CO but left us to have a real life back in 2008.  So, we dragged her back to let us know if there truly is life after simming and when to know when it’s time to let go.

Warning:  There is a shit tonne of swearing in this episode.  It was like we all (mostly Sarah) got drunk beforehand and were told whoever used the most cursewords during this episode would win a prize.  Sadly there was no prize 🙁

Note: the sounds quality isn’t that great, you can hear a lot of breathing due to how close the mic had to be to Cars’s mouth in order to hear her.

Topics discussed include:

  • Interview with Cars, a former simmer and CO *
  • Why would you leave simming?
  • Original fiction (includes werewolves) **
  • Fleet politics
  • Fanta ***


This week’s question:  Do you like Fanta and if so, what is your favourite flavour?

Sites mentioned: Obsidian Fleet

* Cars’s former sim SS Walkabout
** Cars’s ebook: Animal City Police: The Cat Who Fell on Her Head
*** Every flavour of Fanta ever

Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!

TSP – Episode 1 (1hr)

Welcome to our inaugural episode!

Join us as Kai and I (Sarah) introduce ourselves, the wondrous world of online Trek simming and discuss things that aren’t always Trek or simming related.  Warning: NSFW*

Topics discussed include:

  • What is simming?
  • Who the hell are we?
  • What we look for in a sim
  • Mexican Fanta and burping
  • Sarah’s nova test site**


We want you to answer a question for us:  What do you look for in a sim?

Sites mentioned: Obsidian Fleet, Futility’s End, Bravo Fleet

* Not Safe For Work:  There’s burping and swearing, mostly from me (Sarah) 😛

** Please note that since the recording of this episode Sarah’s sim has moved completely to the nova site.  You can check it out here:  http://sentinel47.com

Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!