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Ep 15 – Simming Q&A (1hr 3m)

This Q&A session up for all simmers (CO and player alike) was recorded live.  Very Bravo Fleet / Task Force 47 centric.  Also a fuck tonne of swearing 😀

Sites mentioned: TF47 Newsletter and DS10

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Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!

Ep 8 – Creating and writing aliens (1hr 15m)

Today I (Sarah) am joined by Warr (again) and Leigh, both players from USS Sentinel.  Our new stalker put forward the topic idea:  Species/racial diversity on sims and how to write aliens without forgetting they’re /aliens/ and not just Anglo-descended Terrans.  I’m not sure we stuck to topic but we at least gave it a good try 🙂

Topics discussed include:

  • Aliens we’ve written and are currently writing *
  • How to create a character that is an alien
  • Remember they are an alien when you are writing them
  • Aliens need love too!
  • Aliens are popular in the books ** – creating original species
  • Summary of creating an alien character
Referred to in the episode
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* Our alien characters (ones mentioned by name): Lieutenant Wade MacHugh, Lieutenant Rhiannon Nicks, Commander Leah Jordan (PNPC), Sytar Jackson

** The books – Star Trek: Titan, Star Trek: New Frontier, Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Sites mentioned: Memory Alpha

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Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!

TSP – Episode 5 (59m)

Sadly Kai had to go out and get drunk during the recording of this uber-long podcast.  So, instead of just sitting there chatting with one guest, I decided to have two (Warr and Jay).  Listen in to the first hour of this almost two hour episode (part two coming as soon as I’ve finished editing it–don’t hold your breath as I’m (Sarah) currently sick).

Topics discussed include:

  • Jay regales us about his XO
  • Star Trek is a soap opera – especially VOY
  • Putting in effort and thought to certain species
  • Collaborative writing and ownership


Sites mentioned: USS Galileo, USS Sentinel

TSP – Episode 4 (1hr 33m)

This is the episode that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friend…

We are joined today by Piotr. He’s a disabled simmer that proves in this podcast it doesn’t matter your ability you can sim as good–if not better–than anyone and also write characters that are jerks.

Topics discussed include:

  • A character that has seen a lot over 10 years
  • Piotr’s fiction on Amazon *
  • Why Garak is the best character in Trek
  • Piotr asks us about our sims
  • What if Klinger (from MASH) was a character on a Star Trek sim


Sites mentioned: USS LancelotTango Fleet, 6th Fleet, Least I Could Do (NSFW webcomic), Star Trek: Renegades (the crowdfunding campaign)

* Piotr’s ebook on Amazon: Compromised