Often we will have guests on the podcast.  If you want to find out a little bit more about them and links to their sites, then you have come to the right place.  Below you’ll find exactly that!  Handy isn’t it?



Bobby is 24 years old, he works with Adults & Children with Autism, specifically those who are more challenging. Bobby currently is a member of Bravo Fleet, Commanding two ships, USS Excelsior and USS Dauntless (now closed). The Excelsior has now gone over the year mark and is going very successfully. Other than Trek, Bobby is studying for his degree in Psychology and loves SCUBA Diving.

Episodes: Ep 17 – Non Mainstream Simming



Jaynie is older than rope. She’s been simming since eWorld chatrooms in 1995 and before that direct dial-up BBSs before the internets became one very large and beautiful encyclopedia of humanity… and stupidity. She has retired from SIMming several times since then. But the trek, and the community, keeps calling her back.

In her SIMming “career” Jaynie has held command positions in UCIP where she co-commanded a subfleet and Starbase 202: Arcadia. She’s been on the Fleet Corps of Obsidian Fleet where she also served as TGCO, commanded USS Galileo and subsequently Starbase 47: Tesla. She is retired from SIMming…ish.

In real life, Jaynie is an author, a feelance editor, and publications director and has some interest in a small indie coffee roaster. When she feels like it, she toys with large financial institutions’ reports for stock holders and investors. She has a fez and plays the ukulele.

 Episodes: Ep 11 – Communicating with your Community, Episode 12 – Rejuvenating a Quiet Sim



Has been on every single sim that Sarah has run since the first Sentinel back in Obsidian Fleet.  He has also held the head JAG position for a time in OF.  His current exploits have him pretending to be a marine on the current iteration of Sentinel and in real life he pretends to be a law abiding ninja.

Episodes: Ep 9 – Posting and Post Creation 



Leigh Rachal is a 39 year old English teacher who’s been simming since the mid-’90s. She currently has 10 characters on 8 sims on three different sites which includes her character on the Sentinel. She sims in live chat, message board, email, and mixed types. Besides her love of Trek, Leigh plays trombone, electric bass, percussion.

Episodes: Ep 8 – Creating and Writing Aliens



Jay is 30 years old (as at recording of podcast 5) and has been in the simming community for four years.  He’s held positions in Obsidian Fleet, Bravo Fleet and independent sims.  His first and only command is USS Galileo, his pride and joy and stupidly active nova class sim.

In real life Jay is a publication officer who likes pizza and beer and all kinds of Trek gaming–he has pretty much every Trek game ever released since 1995!

 Episodes: Episode 5Episode 5.5Episode 7



Warr is probably an anomaly amongst trek simmers. Twenty four years of age, he’s got plenty of experience roleplaying and collaboratively writing, but his simming experience is very short in list. Having simmed for 4 months, he shopped around on dozens of sims, fleets, and taco stands before he found the USS Sentinel. Soon planning to begin his own career as a CO, he’s got a lot of opinionated views. In real life, Warr is a college student and works part time.

Episodes: Episode 5, Episode 5.5Ep 8 – Creating and Writing AliensEpisode 12 – Rejuvenating a Quiet Sim



With over ten years involved within the simming community, Piotr Mierzejewski has played and managed games within the Star Trek, Stargate, re-imagined Battlestar Galactica franchises. He had been in Tango Fleet and Sixth Fleet, and now spends his time writing fiction (see his Amazon page: Piotr Mierzejewski).

Episodes: Episode 4



Cars is an ex-simmer who was a player as well as an XO and CO (of SS Walkabout)  at certain stages in Obsidian Fleet and a few indie sims in PBEM and forum sims. Now she is a writer and author (read her debut children’s book Animal City Police: The Cat Who Fell on Her Head), and looks back on simming with swirly nostalgia goggles.

Episodes: Episode 3Episode 7