About Us

We are two Trek simmers who have a combined total of 22 years of simming.  Kai and I (Sarah) met in Bravo Fleet a few years back when I was a Task Force Executive Officer and he a lowly Commanding Officer.  While we have never simmed on each others sim, we have written together in short term simming events and kicked arse!

We also both enjoy talking, Star Trek and soft drinks.  What else could you hope for in a long distance online friendship?


About Sarah

sarahAlso known online as sero, this little Hobbit lives on the beach in New Zealand.  Sarah has (again) retired from simming in order to write ebooks under the pen name Erica Conroy, and create webcomics.  Her darling husband Blair, puts up with and supports her habits–awwww!

Her simming career started back in 1999 and has included: Phoenix Defence Force (inactive), Obsidian Fleet, Futility’s End, Bravo Fleet and independent simming.  She has written everything from civilians to enlisted to commanding officers.  Her OOC activities are many and varied: being an academy instructor of new COs, recruitment, Task Force Executive Officer and doing various community focused things (newsletters, simming events, etc).

Likes: TOS, TNG, cheesecake, UK detectives (books / tv), reading ebooks, mutilating websites, webcomics, lolcats and Mexican Fanta!

Dislikes: VOY, slow joint posts, pineapple, loud thunderstorms, magnitude 6+ earthquakes, NZ made Fanta, most reality television >.<

Sarah’s sites:



About Kai

kai2Primary school teacher by day, Starbase Commander by night; Kai is one geeky fellow. Hailing from the mysterious isle of Britain, he spends most of his time pondering the joys of singledom (is that even a word?). Whether it’s a love of Star Trek, Star Wars, BSG or The Big Bang Theory, he likes to watch a lot of TV/DVDs. With an addiction to chocolate milkshake and Raisin and Biscuit Yorkies, he probably weighs more than he should. To combat this, he likes badminton and football. Note he likes them, but doesn’t play them, which also contributes to his current weight problem.

With a simming career that spans as far back as the start of the millennium, Kai spends much of what should be a social life, writing. Whether it’s as his station commander or his engineer, his fighter jock or his TFXO, Kai just loves to write! With a long list of OOC roles in fleets such as Bravo, Obsidian and Pegasus Fleets, Kai has been a busy boy. But now, writing is the focus!

Likes: Chocolate, fried food, sarcasm, ketchup, cats and Deep Space 9! Oh, and Jadzia Dax. Yum yum!

Dislikes: Worf (bastard!), light switches being switched unevenly, nuts, orange juice and creepy crawlies!

Kai’s sites:

* Episodes: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 10, Episode 13, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 16


*Because Kai isn’t able to make it to every episode, I (Sarah) decided to list which ones he has been in 😛