TSP – Episode 7 (1hr 54m)

This time I was prepared for Kai being unable to record the podcast with me.  Two previous guests joined me for Episode 7 and we kicked arse!  Cars, Jay and myself (Sarah) discussed our most controversial topic so far: Sex on Sims.

Topics discussed include:

  • Sim ratings
  • What can you get away with for each rating
  • Brief history lesson on the colonisation of America
  • Discussing ratings of Trek episodes and movies
  • Ratings of other shows and ‘controversial’ episodes
  • We discuss the sexual antics of some of our characters – Jay’s sex JP
  • When is a good time to write sex?
  • Consequences of sex and we get philosophical
  • Discussing sex and sexuality of our characters
  • Star Trek being ahead of its time – those controversial kisses
  • A challenge is issued to Jay
  • Advice on how to write a post that contains sex

Sites mentioned: Obsidian Fleet’s Sim Rating Rules, Bravo Fleet’s Sim Rating Guidelines, USS Galileo, USS Persephone

Want to provide feedback, ask questions or even discuss Jay’s sex JP?  Then please leave us a comment 🙂

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