TSP – Episode 5.5 (53m)

The second part of episode 5 is now available for your listening pleasure.  I (Sarah) continue talking with Jay and Warr.

Topics discussed include:

  • Some of the functions of a CO and XO
  • Player investment
  • Communication on the internet
  • Warr explains why he sounds so serious
  • Jay discusses the OOC communication set up on Galileo
  • The writer’s ego, cliques and real life issues
  • Warr explains why, even after his character becomes less xenophobic, he still carries it with him

Sites mentioned: USS Galileo,  YahooGroups

Got any questions you want answered?  Topics you want us to discuss?  Leave them in the comments and we’ll include them–if possible–in the next episode!

4 thoughts on “TSP – Episode 5.5 (53m)

  1. I have a couple of points I disagree on but the one I most disagree with is the “not knowing people on the ship” thing. I disagree completely. Sorry. Some CO’s may wish to play it that way but I have met people who have an insane capacity to remember people’s names that they’ve met only once before. They are generally in a position that forces them to create ways to do this. People I can think of offhand are pastors and CEOs. Knowing 100 people by face alone is easy peasy. Knowing 500 people isn’t that hard, either. I’ve seen pastors of huge congregations who can recall people by name and a recent event that’s been going on in their lives and ask them about it. It’s freaky to me but that’s the way that training goes.

    I think it is all in the way you wish to play your character but to me, a CO needs to be that kind of thing a “pastor” a father/mother figure.

    Another thing that came up was the “approach CO with respect and caution” or something that Jay said. I also disagree with this because he seemed to be implying to do this OOC. I call that common courtesy 😀

    IC, yes, follow chain of command but coming from an indie SIM perspective, you cannot alienate your SIMmers by treating them as though they’re really in the military. Asking them to follow the chain OOC is a courtesy but every single member of your SIM should be treated as an individual and with respect because first and foremost this is a hobby and meant to be fun. 😀

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