TSP – Episode 5 (59m)

Sadly Kai had to go out and get drunk during the recording of this uber-long podcast.  So, instead of just sitting there chatting with one guest, I decided to have two (Warr and Jay).  Listen in to the first hour of this almost two hour episode (part two coming as soon as I’ve finished editing it–don’t hold your breath as I’m (Sarah) currently sick).

Topics discussed include:

  • Jay regales us about his XO
  • Star Trek is a soap opera – especially VOY
  • Putting in effort and thought to certain species
  • Collaborative writing and ownership


Sites mentioned: USS Galileo, USS Sentinel

3 thoughts on “TSP – Episode 5 (59m)

  1. First half is good. Liked that you mentioned that link shrinker as it would be quite useful and the (almost) shoutout I got. A lot of really good things were brought up, which I agree with wholeheartedly. Especially the “Star Trek pretending to be [random show title] portion. I’m trying very hard not to do that.

  2. I thought I’d share my response on the sim’s OOC board here too 🙂

    Come on part 2! hehe

    I enjoyed it. Especially Voyager talk, cos that’s my show 😉

    I think one point about Voyager for me; it’s not just about going back to exploration, it’s also exploring the concept of home.

    Starfleet officers are all about wanting to get out there and explore the stars. Along comes Voyager, and it turns it completely on its head. Be careful what you wish for.

    Because suddenly they’re thrust out into the stars, without being able to return home. And suddenly it’s not as fun anymore. It’s scary and real.

    And not just that, they look at the very foundation of what home is. So you have one character that is lost without their family, but another is more disturbed at the loss of home as a place. And you even have the switch view of someone like Paris, who is oddly the most comfortable lost in space, because he felt like he’d already lost his home years before Voyager came along because of his back story.

    And this concept is accentuated by having a Maquis crew onboard, because their very essence was about fighting for homes that had been taken or lost. A clever twist I thought.

    1. I have to agree, very largely, and I think that’s part of what appealed to me too. When you see ant exploration of the Enterprise (TNG Era at least)’s concept of home or family, you also see that at least two of them are total dicks to their family just because they as people are so particular. (Worf and Picard, I’m lookin’ at you.)

      I think it had a very large element of Soap Opera (or more obviously visible element of Soap Opera, at least) because of that. Even for the crew from the Delta Quadrant, their were problems with their home and history and we end up exploring some of their views as well as see resolutions in their attitudes.

      So it as a whole was interesting, but as you’ll see ultimately universally said among Voyager fans, when someone bitches about the writing, especially. “It’s not the cast’s fault the writers were twits. Even if the writing was stupid sometimes, the cast was all trying, and had a definite real chemistry.”

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