Ep 17: Alternative Trek Simming (1hr 15m)

Warning: I (Sarah) had a cold during the recording of this episode so there is some sniffling, sneezing and snotting.

Bobby joins me in this episode to discuss sims that aren’t in the mainstream timelines.  Why?  Because he set up a sim a few months ago set after the post-Hobus star asplosion, where the Borg are coming to decimate Earth and the crew of his ship are off to enlist help from other races while fighting Borg and other yuckies.  Also mentioned is NuTrek simming and past sims I’ve (Sarah) run that are outside the norm of Star Trek.

Sites mentioned: USS Dauntless (now closed), USS Excelsior, Futility’s End, Obsidian Fleet, Bravo Fleet

Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!

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