Audio of Ep 10 – Making a Joint Post – Part 1 (1hr)

Since we all know Kai is not here and I’m actually on holiday (South Island of New Zealand) I thought I’d audio-afy the uber youtube of episode 10.  After hours of editing out long pauses and the tappity tap of keyboards, I find not all of the youtube downloaded.  So you’re only getting the first hour–and you’ll like it!

This is a very conversational podcast, it’s what happens when me and Kai can get together for a real time JP with an out of character means of communicating and poking fun at each other 😛

Our characters: Lieutenant JG Nicole Windsor and Sytar Jackson

Topics include:

  • What a joint post is
  • How they work
  • Dissing boobs
  • Making fun of Kai
  • Lots of laughing and nonsensical talk due to you not being able to see what we’re looking at 😛

If you want to see the original uncut youtube and/or read the finished joint post then click on Episode 10

I hope to get the second half of the audio up next week–but don’t quote me on that!

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