Ep 12 – Rejuvenating a Quiet Sim (1hr 7m)

Warr, Jaynie and I (Sarah) discuss ideas on how to rejuvenate a quiet sim, both as a player and as the CO of said quiet sim.  We also use Sentinel’s current lack of noise as an example.

Topics discussed include:

  • What you can do as a player
  • At what point should you say ‘fuck it, I’m outta here’
  • Ideas for COs on rejuvenating interest
  • Discussion on PNPC / NPCs

Thanks to Jaynie for closing the podcast.  My mic had a technical fart and stopped working >.<

Want to provide feedback, ask questions or make suggestions.  Then please leave us a comment 🙂

Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!

One thought on “Ep 12 – Rejuvenating a Quiet Sim (1hr 7m)

  1. Well that sound experiment didn’t go well. If you ask me back again, I’m putting my headphones in. That’ll alleviate the muddy sound.

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