Ep 11 – Communicating with your Community (1hr 2m)

Long time simmer and experienced CO, Jaynie joins me (Sarah) today to discuss ways we have communicated with with our community (people on sims).

Youtube is included below as there was a bit of screen sharing.  The reason why you see Jaynie practically all the time is because I messed up something.  Don’t worry, you can see tiny me in the bottom right-hand corner and bigger me at the end when I realise my mistake >.<

I’ll work on getting and audio only version up soon.  Links to discussed/shared examples are included under the youtube 🙂

Topics discussed include:

  • Weekly reports
  • Real time (chat) meetings
  • (Monthly) newsletters
  • Task Force / fleet newsletters

Examples mentioned: Tesla Monthly, Sentinel’s November 2013 Newsletter, Task Force 38’s Delta Times

Sites mentioned: UCIP, Obsidian Fleet, Tesla Station (no longer active), Archimedes (no longer active)


Leave a comment if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions or cupcakes 😛


One thought on “Ep 11 – Communicating with your Community (1hr 2m)

  1. Cupcakes are delicious.

    But seriously, I’d love to hear some feedback from folks who have started this practice and how it’s working for them in community building.

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