Ep 9 – Posting and Post Creation (1hr 13m)

Today my usual simming partner in crime (not Kai) joined me (Sarah) in a discussion on posting and post creation.  Unfortunately Doofus McDooferson had only an internal mic and the sound quality* for his audio is quite shite.  My voice is its usual perfectness 😛

Topics discussed include:

  • Shawn’s illustrious simming career (only the best sims for Shawn)
  • What a post should contain, or what makes a post good
  • Golden rules of posting
  • How to encourage people to write more in a joint post
  • Pet peeves when joint posting
  • Proofread!!!!?!!!!111

Site’s mentioned: The Oatmeal’s Guide to Apostrophe’s and Misspelling; TF47’s Player Guide (includes golden rules of posting, post creation, etc)

Want to provide feedback, ask questions or demand Shawn buy an external mic?  Then please leave us a comment 🙂

* Listen at your own peril.  We take no responsibility for the pain to your ears.

 Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!

3 thoughts on “Ep 9 – Posting and Post Creation (1hr 13m)

  1. first off, i think you should make it a requirement that everyone have a decent microphone.

    as for the topic, i agree with pretty much everything said, though i’m of the mind that short replies in JPs are sometimes a lot more warranted than an in depth psychoanalysis of what the character is thinking. if it detracts from the subject matter of the JP, that is.

    anyway, other than the obvious sound issues, another great podcast! ^_^ thank you for doing these.

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