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Audio of Ep 10 – Making a Joint Post – Part 1 (1hr)

Since we all know Kai is not here and I’m actually on holiday (South Island of New Zealand) I thought I’d audio-afy the uber youtube of episode 10.  After hours of editing out long pauses and the tappity tap of keyboards, I find not all of the youtube downloaded.  So you’re only getting the first hour–and you’ll like it!

This is a very conversational podcast, it’s what happens when me and Kai can get together for a real time JP with an out of character means of communicating and poking fun at each other 😛

Our characters: Lieutenant JG Nicole Windsor and Sytar Jackson

Topics include:

  • What a joint post is
  • How they work
  • Dissing boobs
  • Making fun of Kai
  • Lots of laughing and nonsensical talk due to you not being able to see what we’re looking at 😛

If you want to see the original uncut youtube and/or read the finished joint post then click on Episode 10

I hope to get the second half of the audio up next week–but don’t quote me on that!

Ep 12 – Rejuvenating a Quiet Sim (1hr 7m)

Warr, Jaynie and I (Sarah) discuss ideas on how to rejuvenate a quiet sim, both as a player and as the CO of said quiet sim.  We also use Sentinel’s current lack of noise as an example.

Topics discussed include:

  • What you can do as a player
  • At what point should you say ‘fuck it, I’m outta here’
  • Ideas for COs on rejuvenating interest
  • Discussion on PNPC / NPCs

Thanks to Jaynie for closing the podcast.  My mic had a technical fart and stopped working >.<

Want to provide feedback, ask questions or make suggestions.  Then please leave us a comment 🙂

Original youtube version available for your viewing (warts and all) pleasure!

Ep 11 – Communicating with your Community (1hr 2m)

Long time simmer and experienced CO, Jaynie joins me (Sarah) today to discuss ways we have communicated with with our community (people on sims).

Youtube is included below as there was a bit of screen sharing.  The reason why you see Jaynie practically all the time is because I messed up something.  Don’t worry, you can see tiny me in the bottom right-hand corner and bigger me at the end when I realise my mistake >.<

I’ll work on getting and audio only version up soon.  Links to discussed/shared examples are included under the youtube 🙂

Topics discussed include:

  • Weekly reports
  • Real time (chat) meetings
  • (Monthly) newsletters
  • Task Force / fleet newsletters

Examples mentioned: Tesla Monthly, Sentinel’s November 2013 Newsletter, Task Force 38’s Delta Times

Sites mentioned: UCIP, Obsidian Fleet, Tesla Station (no longer active), Archimedes (no longer active)


Leave a comment if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions or cupcakes 😛


Comic: The Joys of Joint Posts

No podcast / youtube / joint post this week.  However, we have something different to keep you going until next week’s podcast / youtube / joint post.  A comic made by me (Sarah) in the style of my Sticks in Space comic.

I am sure we are all have a passing acquaintance with the below situation and the feelings it evokes 😛


Dedication:  This is for you Shawn – Love you 😛